Little Cupcakes Daycare History

Little Cupcakes Daycare founded in 2015 in Auburn. We came into the picture because we wanted to change the face of Daycare Services around us; we focused on bringing a better approach to help different families in our neighborhood. We understand that children are priceless gifts from our creator, which is why we developed a system where we can help kids grow and learn all they need to learn during the early stages.

About Our Pre-school Education

We are proud of what we do because we offer first-class pre-school educational services: with basic amenities and a warm and comfortable atmosphere. 

We know that great things come through imaginations, innovation, and creative thinking. That is why we at Little Cupcakes Daycare approach each day with a sense of vision to help our tiny feet kids learn with confidence and comfort. 

About Our Creative Play

At Little Cupcakes Daycare, what drives and motivates us is the passion for helping kids. We strive to go beyond what parents will ordinarily expect a daycare service provider to do. Our curriculum encapsulates engaging brain-stimulating activities that can help kids engage in what we call "creative play.

We understand that it is crucial to select an appropriate center that fits your child's needs. Therefore, at Little Cupcakes Daycare, we have enchanting and contemporary facilities that allow each child to learn and develop cognitively, socially, and emotionally. Enrolling your child with us is a guarantee of life-long learning.


See how our Program and Curriculum will help develop your children's abilities.

Little Cupcakes Daycare

Little Cupcakes Daycare is a happy, comfortable, friendly, and pleasant place in the heart of  Auburn Washington​, designed for families who have children between the ages of ​birth to twelve years old.

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Contact us

Address: 202 G St Sw Auburn Wa. 98001

Email: Littlecupcakesdaycare1@gmail.com

Phone: (206)549-9631

Working Hours

Monday        : 6Am - 6PM

Tuesday        : 6Am - 6PM

Wednesday  : 6Am - 6PM

Thursday       : 6Am - 6PM

Friday             : 6Am - 6PM

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